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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  November 12, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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>> and i'm mark halperin. >> i am john heilemann. and with all due respect, i don't want to close my eyes. sports fans, blood is boiling. bill clinton's bloodthirsty. congress is in session. mitch mcconnell took a photo with the incoming freshman. he took a shot at the climate deal the president finalized in china.
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>> the president continues to send signals he has no intention of moving toward the middle. i was distressed about a deal he has reached with the chinese which is requiring the chinese to do nothing at all for 16 years while these carbon emission regulations are creating havoc in my state and others around the country. >> mitch mcconnell said he has read the agreement. do you think he and republicans have any idea what the substance of the bill is? >> the democrats have been on the defensive. i'm no expert on this. i read about the deal today. some people are saying the chinese don't have to do anything. some say it is a great achievement. republicans will attack the president on this first day even though there is talk of
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compromise. >> if it is right the agreement says that china has to reach peak energy by 2030 that means they're going to have to curb emissions to get there. the race they are building will have to slow down. there is, as you know, republicans who were proenvironment. there is no voice out there deviating from mitch mcconnell. on the substance, we have a climate change problem. whatever the chinese do, we need to produce greenhouse emissions in this country alone. >> i'm not sure in the spin wars there is a winner. it is surprising the white house didn't line of business leaders moderate republicans, other voices to combat what republicans in the midterms since cap and trade have been effective, saying anything the
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president agrees to is bad for the environment. >> and you can't believe the white house weren't ready for this. mary landers celebrated her return to congress by going light on the palm but jumble on the circumstances. she made an appeal for a vote on the long-delayed keystone pipeline. >> i didn't come here to see my name in lights. i came here to create jobs for my state and this country. i believe i have done an excellent job through difficult circumstances. i believe that we should take the new majority leader at his word and stop blocking legislation broadly supported by the american public, and has been for quite some time. it is shameful, it is wrong, and it must stop today. >> this is obviously an attempt to get this vote for her by
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harry reid another democrats. with all the things going on with the house and senate can this get to the president's desk? does the vote help her save her job? >> i think there are 62 senators who have said they are in favor of this. it doesn't look like there is going to be a filibuster. i'm not sure it's going to save mary landrieu. you look at those numbers, she had 42% at her challenger. then there was a third-party candidate at 15%. that is going to go to cassidy. i don't think she has enough to being drowned. >> senator reed failed to hold the majority in the new senate.
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they do want to save the seat. it is a closer chance to win back the senate. republicans are being sophisticated, talking about different things they might do with the house bill, that her opponent has put forward. republicans are not going to give her a clean shot to make clinical advantage. >> they are trying to mute her trump card. >> everyone believes he will sign keystone. >> they abandon mary landrieu. a lot of democrats would like to save for. my math says it equals 54. that is a margin that republicans would have to win a lot of votes away. >> it is a saturday. all i'm saying democrats are not giving up on the seat. some democrats are not.
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harry reid would like to save her. >> obama owned up to the democrat losses by saying it was a failure of politics. noted political analysts apparently disagrees. nancy pelosi was quoted saying her party had no problem getting her points across. this is a quote. it was the extent of his success. this president has conquest many great things. we couldn't catch a break. >> on a scale to one did godzilla how delusional is nancy pelosi? what she recognizes democrats have bigger problems. between nancy pelosi and harry reid, the democrats are leading themselves with little to encourage younger supporters in congress that they get it back they have fundamental problems.
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>> i get the spin wars. people are and say what they really believe. in this loss being in total denial and saying we have no problems, drive along, i don't see how that is affected. it makes you seem delusional. to a lot of people it makes them seem like they are out of touch for reality. >> they are not engaging in a defense of president obama's record. the other thing is they are not talking about being a reform party. if you look at the two-party trajectories, on this question of are you i reform party for the future, nancy pelosi is saying everything we did is great and it cost us, not send our fundamental party problems. to not show voters indications of that is a mistake. >> if you have the right position, if you're supposedly right and you can point to evidence of that, and you did not put that across, and make
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that case, it is self-evident something is screwed up. at a minimum you have to do that. at a maximum you think of a new agenda or aspects of agenda to appeal to voters who clearly are not turned on by the party now. >> chuck schumer is always looking -- >> unusually quiet. >> a reform democrat, lots of other people have been quite the week of the midterms. the biggest, hillary clinton who has not spoken about the causes of the failures. if you are young reform minded democrats you cannot say the democratic party gets it. >> i would pay a lot of money to ask them what they really thought the problem was last tuesday. >> in a little 2016 news rand paul met today with his strategist at a hotel in washington dc to talk about a possible run for the white house. he has not announced anything about 2016 but he is keeping up his attacks on the person who would be his opponent should he
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become the republican nominee. an interview with e he alluded to her age. he thinks if she does run she will win the nomination. but i don't think it is for certain. >> i asked him about running. he said the physical strain was something he was aware of. this is not the first time he has attacked hillary clinton. does he pay a price in any way for these continual attacks or is it a free shot? >> it is a free shot. it is not the first time.
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he has gone after the clintons on everything from benghazi to domestic policy, everything. we have talked about this. the a republican party is looking for different waves the person who can beat her and someone who will stand up to her. he could get in the ring with her and be able to be a credible opponent. >> it is going to be four years: the republicans competed to attack barack obama. he has gained advantage by going after her. the danger is she has always had a eloquent defender in her corner, a man who knows his way, who is clever and open to extreme measures. here is that defender with ellen degeneres. >> the thing about scandal and house of cards that makes it fun
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to watch's i can't imagine that either a president or chief of staff could really get away with murder. i wish i had known about that. [applause] think of the opportunities. so many people have it coming. [laughter] crazy. >> my question is, rand paul takes shots at hillary clinton and they don't respond. even her spokespeople stay quiet. it built linton gets angry, what happens? >> he is this a race people with a smile on his face, with humor, with wit. some republicans will look at that and say we were right all along, he was responsible for murder. coming up, the climate deal
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dominated the front pages. are there any republicans on board? ♪
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>> our guest is best known for his time serving as the governor of utah and secretary of health and human services. he does an uncanny rich little imitation. he was the head of the epa under george w. bush. we are hoping as republican not holding office he can help to code what has been a harsh republican reaction to the climate pact announced in the last day. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> i know you have not had a chance to reveal this deal and a
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great depth. what do you think it does, and do you think it is a good idea? >> there isn't a lot of room for skepticism for a number of reasons. i will cite a couple of my own. some years ago, in china,, i began to ask about their views on climate change. it became clear to me from their response that the number one thing in their mind is keeping 25 million jobs a year growing in their economy. one of the chinese officials used a phrase i found interesting. if we don't, the government will lose its reputation with the people. they're concerned if they do anything to constrain their economy the 900 million people who lived in well economic standards in rural areas will all try to move to the cities,
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and they will be able to deal with the social pressures. they are going to do nothing that will constrain their economy. the initial indications are this could have a very significant impact on the u.s. economy. i think both of them got political messages out to a constituency they care about but the likelihood is that it will have a bigger impact on our economy than theirs. we are going to see substantial pushback both from business and politically. i think unions and others in this country will view this as a very difficult problem for the united states if we were to find ourselves in a position where anything could be enforced. >> being skeptical about the chinese as a partner seems reasonable. on the other hand, you were someone who was a supporter of cap and trade. on the basis of the notion america had a problem with climate change. there are not many republicans like that anymore.
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can you explain why that is? so few republicans who will be positioned that you used to hold? >> that was a bush administration position. and there are republican position. it has become politicized by the fact that a version of it was adopted by the democrats. it was not the same principles but it had the same name. consequently the term became politically hot. the reality is anytime you are using a cap and trade system you are using a market to solve a problem. we ought not to have the illusion that one program is the same as another called cap and trade. the devil is in the details. >> the reaction from republicans on capitol hill was harsh about this deal. i understand your skeptical. are you comfortable with your party being reflexively opposed to any deal that involves an
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international agreement on global warming? >> if you go back to the history of these deals and start with the nature of that, it was evident to me that this was not as much an environmental agreement as it was a trade negotiation. it was a bad deal for the united states. in the context of the way america comes out on it, it was a bad deal. it appears to me this is a bad deal. they are going to allow bears no more than double and we are going to cut by 20%. i had another conversation with the chinese government official ones who said to me you have an economy. we don't have an economy. we are going to build hours and do nothing that will constrain. >> should the u.s. ever engaged in climate talks with the chinese if you believe they will
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never come forward with sufficient changes? >> there were a lot of climate change discussions even with the bush administration. to find ways we could realistically bring down emissions and do it through logical, thoughtful ways. as you know we are taking measures. we have begun to see our footprint diminish. that is not true in china. i am sure we get the details we are going to find out there are very few enforcement mechanisms. we keep our commitments. if you look at the agreement and look at all of the signers, they did not keep their agreement. we have kept hours. there is a history to these agreements that caused me to believe they are not always just about the environment. they are often about economics
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and trade. >> the political thrust of the earlier question, republicans, because of the harshness, there is a perception the party is not favorable or not pro-environmental. you have in this next incoming senate, and manic mogul, who is out spoken as a climate change denier at the energy and commerce committee. there is a political question on if the republican party is in a good or bad place with policies that are opposed to where the consensus is with the community of scientists. >> this is a legitimate problem for our party. we don't know how to talk about the environment or health care as well as we should. we need to learn as a party that this is a matter that is of concern to people. we ought not to abandon our ideology of using markets as
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opposed to mandates. we ought to recognize that people want solutions but they want them to be solutions that are rational. we need to talk about it and be in a position to solve the problem. we don't need to necessarily buy into the big government ideology of selling our future in the context of getting an agreement. >> a final answer on a different topic. do you think your friend mitt romney should run for president? >> i wish he could. i don't think the chances are zero but they are not high. we will all watch with interest. >> governor, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> a warning for freshmen members of congress from a familiar voice. >> stand clear of the closing doors, please. ♪
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>> i remember at northwestern university when i was an incoming freshman i was excited, ready to work, nervous. we put together an orientation video for the newly elected members of congress who visited capitol hill today. you're welcome. ♪ >> welcome freshmen and congratulations on your first day of congress. the incoming class of 2014 comes from all across the country from west virginia to american samoa. you represent a top 50% of applicants. way to go. there are a few things you need to know as you get started. let's grab some grub. if you're lucky enough to work and turk some don't forget to
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stop by the café for taco wednesday unless you are opposed to immigration reform. just head over to the american grill where you will find standards like the breakfast burrito. no one wants to be the member who sues congress. >> he is suing the congress because of a sandwich he purchased three years ago. >> let's focus on campus live. you will pledge allegiance every day. what committee should you pledge? everyone wants to get into the house armed services committee. it takes some time. you can raise a lot of money with legislation, but you can also pursue meaningful legislation on ways and means or energy and commerce. there is plenty of meaningful legislation to go around.
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don't forget about the freshman 15. these of the 15 minutes a day you won't have to raise money and focus on doing the work your constituents sent you to washington to do. welcome freshmen. work with your new colleagues in good faith and start banking that seniority. >> that was charlie pellet. i love that video. gripping and fantastic. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> we are like 24/7 on bloomberg >>
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>> hello, i'm pimm fox. today is wednesday, november the 12th. jcpenney results after the bell. stock is falling in after-hours trade. >> you get some large market size, you get some smaller markets, it is a good diverse market. we like it a lot. >> in finance, goldman sachs named 78 emp


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